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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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public spending. >> lawmakers argue everyone should share the pain. good morning and welcome to 9news now, today is friday, the start of a new month. july 1st. i'm andrea roane. >> thank goodness right? and a holiday weekend. and i'm surae chinn in for mike hydeck. thank you for joining us today and angie goff has traffic. good morning. >> hi. >> we begin with olga breeze who's in for howard bernstein. we're heating up today. >> we are, we had a nice little break with temperatures down into the 80s. today, closer to the 90-degree mark and in fact with the humidities rising over the weekend, we're going to have some heat index values over the fourth of july that are going to be very interesting to say the he's. right foul though -- least. right now though things are very comfortable. basically in the 60s for most of the region right now. we'll push the lower 7 #s as we get closer to the 9:00 hour and the city should top out at 87
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degrees. that's in the city center. passing cloud from time to time not out of the question, but at least we have a very good start right now. in gaithersburg we have 59 degrees, 66 and cool by the river. but things are going to be quite nice later on today. plenty of sunshine and low humidities and temperatures in the middle range to the upper 80s. tonight should be nice once again and the seven day forecast is looking pretty good. in fact we will keep the sunshine around for today, tomorrow and headed into the weekend. now a look at traffic. sounds good to me. thank you. i hope everybody is off to a fantastic friday. we are geared up for that weekend and so far, so good outside. green light is on just watching a little bit of the construction 95 southbound you're going to want to watch for it near powder mill until the start of the 5:00 hour. moving over to 270, everyone is doing okay out of frederick all the way down to the split. in virginia, good morning to you out there. 66 construction at nutley --
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it's gone, so you're doing okay out of manassas near the beltway. 395, lanes are wide open until the 14th street bridge. then before this roadway on 95, it look like we are moving at speed from dumfries past the mixing bowl. still ahead a look at 267 and the dulles toll road. that's at 4:40. thank you angie. here's a look at some things making news today. prince george's county police are searching for the personal responsible for a fatal stabbing in hyattsville. it happened yesterday evening at the university town center just east of the mall at prince george's. >> police say two separate groups began fighting and one person in the brawl pulled a knife and stabbed another. the victim later died. a d. c. police officer is recovering after being injured last night at randall circle in southeast. a speeding suspect was traveling down massachusetts when he struck a car. he then tried to drive away from the scene and that's when he struck the police officer.
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that officer and the suspect and the other driver were all taken to a nearby hospital. the suspect is now facing several charges. police are trying to determine how a 5-year-old boy got a gun. they also want to know who owns it. this, after the boy accidentally shot a 4-year-old neighbor while they were playing in a playground on 23rd parkway near jamison street. the injuries are said to be serious but he's expected to survive. a d. c. police officer charged with murder is due in court today. richmond phillips is accused of killing wynetta wright. he then left her 11-month-old daughter in the locked car in 90-degree heat. the child eventually died. phillips who was charged in prince george's county will now also be charged with manslaughter in the death of the child before her death wright accused phillips of being her daughter's father. former international monetary fund chief dominique
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strauss-kahn could have his bail reduced or even lifted at a court hearing later today. the "new york times" is reporting it may be because of issues with his accuser's credibility. detectives have discovered a number of holes in the story. strauss-kahn has been under house arrest since may on charges he tried it had rape the maid. firefighters in new mexico say efforts to keep a raging wildfire from the los alamos nuclear lab appear to be working. but local residents won't be allowed to return home until sunday at the earliest. the blaze has burned about 145 square miles in less than a week. the senate has canceled its july fourth recess. lawmakers will return to capitol hill tuesday to try to hammer out a dealing on the debt ceiling. >> but lawmakers are sharply divided along party lines on efforts to strike a deal to avoid a government default and trim the huge deficit. the obama administration warned
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if the government's $14.3 trillion borrowing limit is not raised by august 2nd, the country will face the first default ever. the republicans say they will not be forced into raising taxes. some have issued a challenge to the president. >> all we need is the president to step up and give us a proposal. so far, he's laid back and criticized everybody else. >> president says he wants to get working. wants us to get working. i can't think of a better way than to have him come on over today. >> republicans and democrats agree on one thing. any plan to raise the debt ceiling must incloud spending cuts. -- include spending cuts. my congressman mccoter could become the first -- michigan congressman mccoter could become the first to enter the race. some analysts say they expect him to use the speech to
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launch the campaign. in may he told the detroit radio station that he was quote seriously considering a presidential run. today is the deadline for harry thomas to respond to algassings that he didn't gay -- allegations that he didn't repay more than $15,000 in student loans. a report says he took out student loans in 1983 and 1983. original loan amount is for slightly more than $5,300, but now $15,000 with interest. in another matter, last month thomas was accused of misusing more than $300,000 in city money. she has pled guilty, but leslie johnson plants to reman -- plans to remain a member of the prince george's county council until she's sentenced. yesterday, johnson pleaded guilty to flushing a $100,000 from a developer down the toilet as federal agents knocked on the front door of her home. johnson is the first person in
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the county to be convicted overcrops while in office and -- of corruption while in office and scheduled to be sentenced august 14th. during a retirement ceremony thursday, secretary gates was honored by both president obama and joint chiefs of staff mike mullen. during the remarks, the president surprised gates by giving him the highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> and to know bob is to know his profound sense of duty. to country, to our security and most of all, to our men and women who get up every day and put on america's uniform and put their lives on the line. >> robert gates became defense secretary under president george w. bush and stayed on after president obama was elected. outgoing cia director leon panetta will replace him.
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panetta's successor is u.s. general david petraeus. the senate unanimously confirmed his nomination. he's looking forward to working with the leaders of other intelligence agencies and furthering the cia's relationship with congress. 4:308 now. coming up. smoking can cost you health wise, but now also cost you a job. at 4:50, the federal government issues a new warning about medical marijuana. >> we're back with your weather first in two minutes. you're watching 9news now. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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good morning everyone, i'm meteorologist olga breese in for howard bernstein. time is 4:40 and we have a great forecast today. already clear skies this morning, we'll break out with plenty of sunshine after sunrise, push the temperatures
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through the 70s and into the 8 #s by noontime. most of us should top out around the middle 80s. 87 expected at reagan national airport later on this afternoon. now a check of the early morning drive. appreciate it olga. a look at 67 the dulles toll road, those of you traveling from the greenway past the airport, continuing on towards the toll plaza. nothing in your way. however, you are not able to access that inner loop. you're going to be forced to use the uter loop and take the route until 5:00 a.m.. still ahead a look around the region. that's coming up at 4:48. back to you. it's time for the first your money report of the morning. jessica doyle has the day off. stocks rallied yesterday after greece approved the final cost cutting measure needed to secure emergency loans and avoid bankruptcy. the dow finished the day up 52 points to close at 12,414. the nasdaq rose 33 points and
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the s&p 500 climbed 13 points. well, sticker shock from the costs of college tuition. the department of education has released its list of the most and least expensive colleges in the country. bates college in maine is the most expensive private school. it costs $51,300 a year. the priciest four year public university is penn state charging slightly more than $14,000. smoking is not only hazardous to your health. but now costing some people their jobs. humana, an insurance giant based in arizona says it refuses to hire workers who smoke or use tobacco products. beginning today, job applicants must pass a urine test which checks for nicotine. legal experts say there's no law against rejecting smokers. it's a new month. there's some new laws like bringing your own bottle of wine into a restaurant is now okay. and drinking alcohol just got a little more pricier in
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the free state. those stories and more when we return. . and time now for your travel forecast. right now at the dulles airport. we have about 62 degrees but definitely going to see a lot of sunshine traveling across the nation. chicagoland, watch for a few spotty showers and maybe afternoon thunderstorms with temperatures high into the lower 90s and then a warm day in denver. mostly sunny skies and a high of 86. taking it out to the southwest, desert southwest heats up into the triple digits and down to los angeles absolutely beautiful with temperatures in the 70s. the pacific northwest a little bit on the cool side but pleasant into the 70s.
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welcome back to 9news now, our time is 4:44. the women are running things today at 9news now. put in positions around here. i'm andrea roane, surae chinn in for mike hydeck.
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olga breese in for howard bernstein. nice start to the morning, but changes are in the wind. >> changes are in the winds, but at least we have today ask most of thunderstorm is going to be pretty pleasant -- of tomorrow is going to be pretty pleasant. right now though, things are looking pretty goods. we have a forecast that features lots of sunshine through midday and late day. get a little bit of a breeze now. the northwest winds still with high pressure ruling is keeping our humidity values low. so the drier air makes it much more comfortable. as we push out of the 60s by mid-morning, we'll hit some lower 80s by noontime. and that means you need to have your sunglasses around for the remainder of day. then later on this afternoon, national airport should top out around 87 degrees. we'll be slightly cooler in a few of the suburbs but still a very nice day even at the evening. satellite and radar has been very, very quiet. we expect it to stay that way. in fact, you can see the clouds moving around that high pressure system in the loop
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here. and that's definitely going to keep us in the clear for today and tomorrow. brilliant days. today's temperatures a little bit bump up from yesterday. although we made it into the middle range in the 80s, we're going push the upper 80s later on this afternoon. tomorrow, even higher than that. we'll be into the 90s, but i think the humidity values tomorrow will be in the okay range. bull you'll start to feel a little more of the discomfort through the remainder of the weekend. so far the fourth of july holiday looks pretty good for us. an isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible for us sunday and monday. here's how we look with the futurecast forecast model. this is a prediction of the next couple of days for us. notice not a lot oftion as the scan moves forward into friday evening. clear and quiet even into saturday morning. a few clouds should push in late in the day on saturday afternoon and then on sunday we're expecting partly cloudy skies. so here's the overall forecast. highs today for the region, middle range to upper 80s for most. we could see a couple of the 90s spark in there especially
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down across some of the southern zones, but in all a pretty good next couple of days. good forecast for today, warmer on saturday but sunday, temperatures into the middle range 90s are going to feel a touch warmer when you factor in the humidity. here it is in a nutshell. your seven day forecast features a warming trend on the way. hotter temperatures coming our way both saturday and sunday. a slight chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm on your fourth of july sunday. but it should not interfere with the fireworks. then things start to stabilize later on in the week. now a look at the morning drive. happy friday everyone. green light starting things off early. that's a good thing. looks like construction is clearing out of the way in most parts of the region. the outer loop here north of the district from 95 to 270. finding the drivers that are out there moving at speed. as far as the inner loop construction is concerned, holding steady at 202 and allentown road. that should be clearing probably in the next 13, 15 minutes or so.
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virginia we go, 395 clear smooth sailing all the way to the 14th street bridge to inside the beltway. the road work on the inner and outer loop between 66 and 267 the dulles toll road earlier, that's cleared out of the way. and d. c. roads with a last shot of drivers comes in from rosslyn to georgetown, still obviously very nice and quiet. still ahead we're taking a look at 50 in maryland. andrea and surae, that's coming up. back to you. maryland residents mike get to decide the fate of the state's new controversial tuition law for illegal immigrants. >> the dream act allows the children of illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates for universities. it's supposed to go into law today. but some think the legislation rewards criminal behavior. >> if you're not from this country legally, you should not get benefits that the taxpayers support. it's simple. >> i'm telling kids they should strong to achieve -- strive to
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achieve in school and then for select minorities, that doesn't apply to you? >> the referendum would take place in november 2012, also a presidential election. that typically means that big voter turnout. today is july 1st. it's the beginning of a new fiscal year and that means a number of new laws will take effect today. >> an income tax credit of 20% off electric vehicle recharging equipment is one of the dozens in maryland. the sales tax on alcoholic beverages meanwhile will also jump 50%, 9% overall. collective bargaining rights will be established for some. >> across the potomac in virginia, one law affects domestic violence victims. they should find it easier to get protective court orders. the change comes after the beating death of yard lee love.
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also people free from jail on bail or out on probation can be tracked by gps devices. sexually abused children now have 20 years to sue their attackers, not just two. and absentee ballots of voters who died before election day will be counted. and it's now legal in virginia to bring your own bottle of wine to a restaurant. well, not so fast. that's a new warning from the justice department regarding medical marijuana. >> doj officials say dispensaries and licensed growers in states with medical marijuana laws could still face federal prosecution for violating drug and money laundering laws. u.s. deputy attorney general james cole says a 2009 justice department memo didn't give states protection from prosecution. according to the two-year- old memo, the justice department told prosecutors they shouldn't focus resources on patients and caregivers complying with state medical marijuana laws. just in case you're wondering, 16 states and the
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district of columbia have legalized medical marijuana. there has been debate about their approval of a medical marijuana law in maryland. security at all airports is under the microscope after a nigerian man got on a flight with someone else's expired boarding pass and no government id. >> he is scheduled to appear in los angeles federal court today on charges of being a stowaway on a plane. his trip happened last week on a virgin america flight from new york to los angeles. if convicted he could face up to five years in prison. metro's board is being advised to stop thinking locally and expand etc. view to a more -- its view to a more regional outlook with the strategy. >> the message comes in a new report from the government accountability office. maryland senator bar ma mikulski said the -- barbara mikulski said the law will go a
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long way. it says they're too involved in day-to-day decisions. the board was also told it's having too many meetings. 4:52. before a break, it's time to look at the question of the morning. >> all right -- >> ponder that and we'll have the answer in a little while. we'll be right back. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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and welcome back. it's 4:55. we have a forecast that is fantastic. your day planner features lots of sunshine and temperatures moving into the 70s hour. we'll hit about 75 degrees by noontime into the 80s and then we'll keep on going. by later on this afternoon we should top out around the middle range purring the upper 80s. in fact our seven day forecast features lots of sunshine and warm up will be on the way. i'll have details in the seven day forecast coming up shortly. now let's take a check of the morning drive. all aboard everybody, we are flying above 50 headed westbound from the bay bridge through buoy. all the way to the beltway. seeing green cars telling us drivers are moving at a great pace. still ahead a look around the region to start after the 5:00 hour. now back to you. the national air and space museum celebrates its 35th
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anniversary today. the museum welcomed its first visitors on july 1st, 1976 and quickly became the most popular museum in the world. air and space will mark the anniversary by showing "to fly" which we have a fly right here -- which will be showing it in the i max movie theater which premiered on opening day. today the fee for adults in the theater is $9 and it's $7.50 for kids 2 to 12. a new exhibit about the 40th president opens today at the national portrait gallery. the show, one life, ronald reagan chronicles his early years and his acting and political careers. the show also features images of the assassination attempt in 1981. it runs through late may 2012. harness racing could be on the way back to the rose crop raceway in washington. the track's new owner, person national gaming applied for a
4:57 am
new license in may and penn racing wants live racing this year and in 2012. rose croft raceways suspended live racing in 2008. first it was the nfl, and now it's the nba's turn. at midnight this morning, the nba lockout began. the owners want a hard salary cap and also want to change the revenue split from the players getting 57% to the owners getting the majority share. the last nba lockout was in 1998 and lasted from the start of the season all the way until january 20th. >> we might enediol having to talk with -- end up having to talk with each other. >> without basketball and football. beyonce is strutting her stuff in new york city. >> while the royals take the spotlight in canada, kendis gibson has that and more. >> reporter: beyonce brought
4:58 am
down the house in harlem. they had gathered there to learn choreography when she surprised them all and joined in the dance. before she left. she handed out copies of the new album. madonna and her daughter released their fall 2011 collection for their material girl juniors brand. kelly osbourne was showing off the trend. >> now it's even better because we know each other more. >> it includes beauty products, dresses and intimates. prince william and his wife catherine are making their first official trip abroad. they will spend nine days in canada before heading to california. royal wedding bells are ringing in monaco this weekend. long time bachelor prince albert is tying the knot with his fiance, south african swimmer charlene woodstock. the festivities are slated to last for two days with a huge guest list that includes actor
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roger moore and i the signer gorge -- designer giorgio armani. fireworks at the movies this weekend as new releases battle for box office glory. new in theaters, the tom hanks and julia roberts flick "larry crowne." that's your eye on entertainment, kendis gibson, cbs news. hollywood. good morning and welcome back to 9news now, starting at 5:00 a.m. happy friday, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm surae chinn in for mike hydeck. angie goff will have traffic in just a moment and we have olga breese in for howard bernstein. that's great if you're planning to cook out and go to the beach and spend some time of the shore? you can have the typical summertime weather to do that by the time we get to the end of the three day weekend for most of us. right now though starting off


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